Daniel McCoy


While some kids dream of growing up to be a doctor or an astronaut, ever since the time Daniel was a young child all he have ever wanted to do is be a pastor. It is a task that is truly his life’s calling and has been the central motivating factor of everything in his life up to this point. Beginning at the age of 19, he was given the tremendous privilege of serving God’s people and serving God’s church. Since that time, Daniel has served in various ministerial roles including Youth Pastor, Staff Pastor, Sunday School teacher, Small Group Leader, and Senior Pastor. There is nothing he loves more than ministering to people and building eternal relationships. Starting in 2009, while serving as a youth pastor, Daniel began to realize the tremendous need to better equip himself for the immense task that lay ahead, first pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Church Ministries, and then a Th. M. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Throughout his studies and ministry he continues to be amazed at the goodness and greatness of the God we serve! He is excited to see what the future holds and what God is going to do at Trinity Baptist Church.

Mission Statement

Daniel’s life’s purpose and personal mission statement is  “To reach others with the Gospel message of Christ’s redemptive work for mankind. To disciple and equip new believers to live an effectual and consistent Christian life. To be immersed in a body of believers that strives to pursue the Great Commission and to live a faithful Christian life. And finally to be a part of a ministry that is both relevant and effective.”